Sunday, April 17, 2011

HCG AND THE "SARASOTA DIET" Day 12, Continuing Our Grocery Shopping Adventure !! ROBERT G CARLSON, MD,FACS

HCG AND THE "SARASOTA DIET" Day 12, Continuing Our Grocery Shopping Adventure !! ROBERT G CARLSON, MD,FACS

Day 12: 218.8

Busy day in the office and had to drive to two meetings at the end of the day. Oh , what I would do for a run on the beach. I lost a little weight this time, but last night consumed an entire lemon pepper chicken from Publix, and a small spinach , cheese, and olive salad with Blue cheese dressing....and lost weight. Got to love this diet! Planning on checking my percent fat on Day 13 because I know my weight is relatively stable, but my clothes are fitting a lot more loose. Lets go back to the grocery trip again. I will tell you more about my Fat Burning Accelerator shots after we finish at the Grocery store. And then we will set up a sample week long schedule. Keep following with us and PLEASE add any comments or insights. I strongly believe that every day is a day at school, and I always love learning something new.

I like buying my meat in larger quantities, as this will be a mainstay for the next 4 weeks. Buy a few pounds of hamburger and make patties out of them and freeze the ones you won’t need for the first few days. Be aggressive with using cheeses, all kinds of cheese and spices to “soup-up” your hamburgers. I also get the sale steaks (any cuts) and eat them back to back using spices. A steak for dinner and a spinach salad will fill you up and you can pick up a few strawberries or my favorite cherry sugar free jello and cover it with either regular heavy whipping cream or the low sugar whipping cream options. Buy your cheese in bulk as well. Either the large blocks or go crazy when the individual grated cheese bags are on sale. Although, It is so much less expensive to grate your own cheese then to pay for the packaged kind . Also stay away from the low fat cheese or the kind made with milk. Always remember, when it says “lo w-fat”, it really means ‘high sugar”.

You can also purchase seafood options at almost any grocery deli. Recently I enjoyed eating over a ½ pound of lightly sauteed bay scallops with Parmesan and Romano cheese melt over the top. I was full after eating that meal and there were absolutely zero carbs in that meal.
The critical part of the diet or what I would like to think of as a New Lifestyle with limited carbohydrate intake, is to firmly avoid the foods restricted on the Sarasota Diet. For the first round of 28 days you can’t eat these items because the sugar cravings will take hold and your weight loss will screech to a halt.......... more to follow

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